How to Use Dry Shampoo

Getting late for a meeting because of oily hair? your friends are waiting at the theater while you are stuck in the shower to clean the grease of hair and many more embarrassing things can happen because of the extra production of oil. Luckily now we have a solution and that too an instant one.

Dry shampoos have been a great help for soaking up the excessive oiliness from your hair when you are in a rush and can’t manage to go under the shower. Not just in times of hurry, dry shampoo is a wonderful asset to extend the life of your hair straightening or a blowout for a day or two. Dry shampoos also do add volume and puffiness to the hair which is ideal for thin hair with less volume. Hair experts recommend the use of dry shampoo in between the traditional bathing sessions to reduce the use of harsh chemicals on the scalp and hair.

How to Use Dry Shampoo

You might have heard from your friend’s dry shampoo doesn’t work for us. It makes our hair stiff and the product gets stuck in the hair leaving white demeaning flakes. Every product, machine or recipe can turn out bad if you are not following proper instructions. Like every other item dry shampoos also have a specific way to be applied. Today we will make you go through a complete step wise guide on how to correctly apply dry shampoo and what are some important do’s and don’ts of it.

Step 1

Pick The Right Product for Your Hair

There are variety of dry shampoos available in the market with each one having its own benefits, specificity and texture. Some come in the form of powder or spray and others in liquid or mouse foam. Though every product serves the same function of removing the excess oil but not every product might be suitable for your hair color and texture. 15 Best Dry Shampoo For Oily Hair In 2021

girl using dry shampoo on hair and tells how to use dry shampoo on hair

For example, if you have dark hair white powdery dry shampoo might be a good option for you. Chances are it will leave behind the residues and will eventually fade the hair color. In case of curly hair, you need to carefully read the ingredients and select the one with most hydration and texture formation as curls definition require more moisture than usual hair. For thin hair go for the one the provides more volume to the hair. It is preferred to use sprays for thin hair because it dries quickly and will not weigh your hair down like powdered dry shampoo.

Step 2

Shake it well

The key component of dry shampoo is starch which helps to absorbs the extra grease from the roots and hair. This starch is extracted either from corn or rice and it often sits down in the bottle. If you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of dry shampoo don’t forget to shake the bottle before use. It helps in mixing all the products and also reduces the appearance of white leftovers.   

Step 3

Apply where needed

Important step in dry shampoo application Is to know that it is not necessary to apply the product all over your head. Instead it is recommended to apply only on areas covered with sebum and debris. Too much of application will make it difficult for product to disappear and will leave signs of its arrival.

Step 4

Make partitions

Often when we are in a hurry we pick up the bottle and start spraying or throwing the powder all over the hair which causes embarrassment because the product does not reach the roots to absorb the grease and is all visible on the outer surface of the hair. The proper way is to make part the hair horizontally and apply the product targeting the roots where there is oil accumulated.

Step 5

Apply from a distance

Another major step in Use Dry Shampoo on Hair is to make sure you don’t spray the product holding it too near the scalp. hair experts recommend maintaining at least a distance of 10 to 12 inches from your roots. The reason being that is if you apply the spray too close to the head it can cause a struggle to make the product disappear. For powdered dry shampoos, apply it from a less distance but do not shower it directly on the greasy part or else it will mix with oils and will give a chalky look.

Step 6

Don’t overdo

The mistake we all have done at some point is to pour a great amount of dry shampoo on our heads, thinking that it will make the process even quicker and will generate instant results. But what overdoing actually does is it makes the hair look a mess. The excessive product gets tangled into the hair and takes forever to fade. In some cases, it does not disappear at all and the spread of powder is lying there on the hair bed making it look gross.

Step 7

Spread it all over

While applying the product keep your hand in constant motion and spread it all over. Don’t rest the hand in one place making the increased product concentration in that area which could result in a jam of dry shampoo.

Step 8

Let the product sit

Often we make use of dry shampoo in case of urgency and the most common blunder we commit in that hurry is to brush the product away without giving it a little time to sit and work properly. Brush or massage gently after allowing the dry shampoo to sit for few minutes so that it absorbs all the grease and dirt, adds in the volume and enhances the hair texture and also leaves a sweet natural fragrance.

By following How to Use Dry Shampoo all these steps you will get perfectly oil-free, fragrant and bouncy hair for more days than usual. An important thing to consider is that dry shampoo does not actually clean the dirt but it absorbs the grease and too frequent application can cause clogged pores.

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