Best Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

Washing your hair everyday can be a real struggle. Not only that, the harsh chemicals in regular shampoos over-dries the scalp and damage the scalp skin and hair texture. The good thing is advancements in beauty industry has led to the development of dry shampoos that work best to draw away sebum from hair. The only snag about them is not all dry shampoos work for every hair color. Dry shampoos are formulated with starch which leaves a white powdery look on dark hairs, that obviously does not look cool.

Thankfully, the cosmetic world is classy at creating solutions and has come up with new colored dry shampoo options for brunettes. These new products are either in the form of tinted powders or invisible sprays that work perfect for all dark hair shades. The few puffs of powdered tint on the oily hair helps to absorb all the sebum and clears the dirt without leaving any white residues of dry shampoo. The invisible sprays are highly efficient for all hair colors and types. They soak the oils and dries off instantly.

Not all white colored dry shampoos leave their leftovers and cause embarrassment. Some high end quality products mix well into the dark hair, remove the oiliness and fades away in no time. You just have to look for the correct product and we are here to make the task easy.     

The list for best dry shampoos for dark hair is long, we have selected the top 10 amongst them. 

  1. Living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo

This absolute goodness dry hair shampoo is known for its excellent performance in cleaning dark hair. It works exceptionally well in soaking up all the overdue of oil and dirt that makes the hair look bad. Along with its cleansing quality, the living proof dry shampoo also works as odor neutralizer and helps to remove the sweaty smells. It has a natural soft smell that makes the hair fragrant a fresh for all day long. This perfect hair day product will make your life better with clean, soft, smooth and fresh hair.  

  • Dove volume and fullness cleansing dry shampoo

Dove dry shampoo is another very promising product from the Dove refresh and care range. It is known and used widely because of its positive outcomes. This dry shampoo itself comes in the foamy texture. When applied onto the hair, massage or comb your hair gently so that it is evenly distributed and does not get accumulated in one area. It absorbs all the excess oils and make you hair look and feel refreshed. Its quick cleansing agents not only remove the sebum but also adds volume and fullness to the hair. 

  • Moroccanoil dry shampoo for dark tones

This cleansing spray is yet another product that provides best results for dark hair. Made of ultra-fine rice starch, it works amazingly well in absorbing excessive sebum without leaving any signs of its arrival. It fades away in seconds leaving behind oil free, much fluffier and fresh hair. The great thing about this dry shampoo is it does it work without effecting the natural coloring like some other dry shampoo which with time cause dullness of dark hair color. Another plus point is its signature Moroccan oil scent that gives hints of spicy amber, musk and sweet flowers.     

  • Tigi copyright revitalizing dry shampoo

This dry shampoo is a perfect blend for hair with dark shades. Its superfast cleaning formula provides an ultimate finish without any product leftovers. It removes the oils that are making your hair look thin and untidy. Tigi copyright revitalizing dry shampoo works brilliantly well for brunette hair and the other good thing about this dry shampoo is that it gives a beautiful lift to the hair. Especially if your hair are naturally thin and dark in color, this dry shampoo can be your savior. It will provide a good volume to your thin hair. 

  • Amika perk up dry shampoo

With the goodness of natural rice starch and other quality ingredients, amika perk up shampoo has made it into our top ten list of best shampoos for dry hair. This hair spray is known best for soaking up the excess oils from dark hair. Its fast acting agents quickly absorb the greasiness of hair and fades away in matter of seconds. Amika perk up dry shampoo is very popular among people with curly hair. It refreshes the hair from the root, adds a light beautiful fragrance and enhances the curls by adding softness to them.

  • Detox brunettes dry shampoo

This amazing product from drybar is amongst the one of the best dry shampoos for dark toned hair. Made up of a super active absorbent formula this dry shampoo delivers its results in within a minute. It efficiently clears the scalp and hair from excessive oils and disappears quickly without leaving any of its signs. Detox brunettes dry shampoo with its matte finish also has this great edge of covering grey hair. If you are late for root touch up and want urgent solutions, this 2 in 1 hair product can work for saving your day.  

  • Herbal cleanse hair and scalp dry shampoo

ORS has come up with a very nicely designed dry shampoo with all the herbal goodness for dark hair. along with the typical role of dry shampoo to clean the sebum and add freshness it also helps to heal the scalp issues and benefits the hair. This great alternate to regular shampoo contains the advantages of tea tree and Aloe Vera. Both the ingredients are healthful for hair and scalp and resolve the issue of itchiness, dryness and dandruff.  It antiseptic and antifungal property make it an anti-itch and tension relief product. 

  • Briogeo scalp revival charcoal biotin dry shampoo

This scalp nourishing sulfate, silicon, gluten and paraben free dry shampoo is your correct choice for dark hair. Consisting of rice starch, corn starch and other useful ingredients such as biotin, leaf extracts, charcoal, orange peel and peach fruit extract, this bundle of scalp reviving dry shampoo work wonders for dark hair.   This product gets an extra point for its travel friendly bottle size. This Briogeo dry shampoo is free of all the harsh ingredients that could add damage to the hair. It cleanses the hair and make it look healthier and fresh.

  • DpHUE apple cider vinegar dry shampoo

This bottle of absolute pleasure from DpHUE is liked by majority for the right reasons. This fast oil absorbing dry shampoo helps you to minimize your visits to the shower. It draws away all the sebum and adds a nicely defined volume to the hair, making the hair look perfectly fresh and bouncy. This dry shampoo has this great quality to protect hair color and safes the color from fading, works best for dark hair. It is also non-aerosol, provides long lasting and much better results. It is a vegan product and free of animal cruelty.  

  1. Bumble and bumble pret-a-powder dry shampoo

 Offer your goodbyes to greasy hair, your dark hair color friendly dry shampoo is here. It does an excellent job in removing the oiliness from hair and it also adds volume to the lifeless hair. This bumble and bumble dry shampoo is a perfect pick for people with dark hair as it does the job perfectly without leaving the white cast on the hair. It is an extremely light weight product that winds up the whole process in no time. Alongside its cleansing property hair stylists also prefer it for its hair volumizing ability.

How to Apply Dry Shampoo to Dark Hair

Every product can be ruined and deliver bad results if not used in the correct manner. Like every other beauty care item dry shampoos also have a specific way to be applied. When it comes to dark colored hair, little extra knowledge is required on how to apply the dry shampoo so that there aren’t any white flakes or leftover signs. We are here to guide you about everything you need to know for applying dry shampoo to dark hair.

First in line comes the key step of spraying the product over a distance of 8 to 12 inches so that it does not get accumulated in an area and become difficult to disappear.

Second step is to let the product sit for few minutes and then massage or brush through your hair. This will allow the product to absorb the grease and will fade away quickly without leaving any residues.

Go light with the product. Don’t over use. In case of shortage you can always add more but excessive application of dry shampoo makes the product elimination difficult and the signs of dry shampoo become quite visible giving a not so fresh look.

Use where it’s needed. The job of dry shampoo is too drift away the greasiness of scalp and hair. It should only be used on those areas of hair where there is accumulation of sebum. Applying it all over the scalp and hair will make the product removal difficult.  

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